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Chinese domain name enters the root server or the beginning of next year was officially launched

  recently, the media rushing to report the "." in 2010, messages written to the global root server. This news caused a heated debate in our society. Then, launch of Chinese domain names will bring to China what?
"Chinese" pure appearance of Chinese domain names, the Internet "with Chinese characteristics" begins in the true sense of the road. Chinese domain name, bring more convenient access to the Internet has become an important means of propaganda, and these are all manifestations of Chinese domain names is rising and the promotion of its values. Meanwhile, the widespread use of Chinese domain names will allow businesses to pay more attention to Internet information dissemination and marketing on the Internet. At present, China has about 1.4 billion people, of which 253 million Internet users. According to the forecast of Chinese domain names, led by China's Internet population will surge. This trend is bound to 99% enterprises brought about huge business opportunities in the country.
up to now, Microsoft IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other global master browser have been achieved. support of domain names in China. Google, Yahoo and other search engines have been gradually built. site under the domain name included and supported work in China.
"." domain name into the root was on October 30, 2009, ICANN 36th annual meeting, the vote of the "." and other non-English domain name suffixes (IDNccTLD) after the fast track implementation plan, "." domain name into the root by the vast number of Chinese enterprises active.
at present, more than 90% of State ministries, provincial government agencies; more than 95% of the media news Web site; more than 90% of the national key universities, 211; more than 50% of the China hundred enterprises and more than 40% of China's top 500 enterprises have already sign up for the "." domain name.


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